Demand Management

Managing Demand

A two day course covering best practice forecasting and demand management in the integrated business environment.

Best practice forecasting and demand management in the integrated business environment. We operate in increasingly dynamic marketplaces with global competition, consumer fads and shortening product lifecycles.

The course shows how predictability is used to drive business performance in service and inventory to reduce waste and obsolescence. The course covers the topics of understanding and controlling demand; the assumption-based demand planning process, the impact of the extended supply chain, and the vital activity of demand control to bring order into near term activity. It particularly describes the business process of demand management as a critical element of the Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning process. In addition it ensures that there is understanding of how this is a business process that improves sales and value and not just a forecasting process.

This two-day course is for managers at all levels who are involved in the demand management processes. It enables them to understand what is happening in the market in terms of customers and consumers and its impact on the business, and leads directly to greater predictability of short, medium and long term demands on the business.


Australia , Sydney


16 - 17 May 2023



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