Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning: An Executive Guide

A one-day course for executives and business leaders on how to drive competitive advantage and superior performance in your organisation. Please note this course is part of a series of IBP courses which includes; IBP for Supply Chain, IBP for Commercial and IBP Realize the Potential

In this uncertain world it is vital that executive and general management teams in your business are able to anticipate change early and make timely decisions to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, as well as keep your business on track. To drive real success in your business, education and knowledge must cascade its way throughout the entire organisation. That’s why Integrated Business Planning: An Executive Guide, has been designed, not only for leaders, but for those who engage with them. This virtual two day course provides you with the opportunity to delve further into IBP, gain an executive level education and a developed view of the process, ensuring you are prepared for the future, whatever it holds.

Over one day you will learn; A comprehensive overview of the IBP process and its business benefits, including how to sustain business success. Guidance from Oliver Wight Partners on how to align your planning process and business strategy over a 24-36 month horizon. This includes product portfolio management and financial integration, to ensure you are working to a common agenda and with a single set of numbers. An understanding of how IBP can be used to identify gaps in performance far enough ahead for your business to re-optimise in light of changing circumstances. Scenario modelling will also be covered allowing you to deliver optimal results.

Ultimately everybody in your organisation, as everyone needs to be engaged with the IBP process for it run successfully in your business. However, fundamental to IBP implementation is the commitment and ownership by your organisations most senior executive. This workshop is therefore designed for senior executives and business leaders.


Australia, Melbourne


14 Nov 2022



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"So far, we estimate that process improvements and efficiencies have delivered savings of approximately €2 million."
Doctor Egiziano Iencinella
Supply Chain Director

“Really concise overview of the whole IBP process – perfect for Executives to understand the process, and for others to refresh their memory on some of the key principles."
Mike Higgins
Head of European Logistics

“Mind blowing and educational. This workshop clearly defines the strategy and vision of what IBP will bring!”
Planning and Logistics Manager
Industrial Engineering Organisation

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